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Mirrey Pride: Jorge Martin Dominates MotoGP Weekend

Mirrey Pride: Jorge Martin Dominates MotoGP Weekend

Pramac Ducati rider Jorge Martin just had the kind of weekend that makes all us «mirreys» proud. He claimed pole position, dominated the sprint, and took home the grand prix win despite facing intense pressure from the likes of Marc Marquez and Francesco Bagnaia.

Let’s be honest, Martin is on fire right now. He’s sitting pretty 38 points clear at the top of the standings, showing everyone that he’s not here to play games. And with Ducati about to make a decision on their second factory team rider for 2025, Martin couldn’t have picked a better time to shine.

But of course, there’s always someone trying to steal the spotlight. In this case, it’s Marquez who went from 13th on the grid to finish second in both races, closing the championship lead to just 40 points. Gotta give credit where credit’s due, right?

After his first grand prix podium at Jerez, Marquez is showing some serious consistency on that year-old Ducati. The guy is already eyeing a factory bike for next year, and who can blame him? When you’re that good, you deserve the best.


Now, if you want to hear more about the battle between these two beasts on the track, listen up to the latest Tank Slappers podcast. Our guys Lewis Duncan and Oriol Puigdemont break it down like no one else can. It’s like a master class in MotoGP drama.

And let’s not forget about the struggles over at Honda. Another rough weekend for them, huh? It’s like they forgot how to race or something. Maybe they should take some notes from Martin and Marquez, just saying.

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Looking ahead to the future, we can’t ignore the upcoming 2027 regulations. What will they mean for MotoGP? Will they shake things up or will it be business as usual? Your guess is as good as mine, but hey, it’s always fun to speculate, right?



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